I lead teams in delivering effective solutions that address user needs, meet business objectives, and differentiate brands.

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  • Beverage Search & Discovery

    We designed search and updated browse by improving information architecture, beverage categorization, and displaying relevant beverage attributes.

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  • Creator Studio

    A beverage studio to help partners create beverages from building blocks and brand and publish their beverage in 5 minutes.

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Website Refresh

What I learned about current web development while updating my website.

What my coworkers think of me

Christian brings passion and genuine positivity to the work everyday. He brought this energy to Cana, helping to keep company culture upbeat and positive during challenging times (startups are hard!). He approaches design and research with sound methodology. At Cana, he led initiatives from ideation through prototyping, research, and completion. He’s a strong systems thinker, and cares not just about great design, but about executing, maintaining, and evolving designs over time. In addition, with past experience in front-end engineering, he speaks the language and can contribute to the development process. Christian would be a solid addition to any team.

Shaun Lind Headshot

Shaun Lind

Head of Design — Cana

Christian is a true team player. It was pleasure working with him at CANA. Although his primary role was UX design which he was obviously good at, he was never shy of contributing in other areas. When needed he rolled his sleeves and helped in coding. He was like an extended QA for my team. He was eager to test the latest releases and file bugs. He was a great asset on the product team, he came up with great ideas backed by data and reasoning. He is passionate about his ideas at the same time takes feedback positively.

Yashodhan Desphande Headshot

Yashodhan Desphande

Lead Software & Firmware — Cana

I worked on a couple of projects with him in product design. He has vast knowledge when it comes to mobile, accessibility, and UI/UX. Very passionate about what he designs. Detailed oriented when it comes to mock ups and personas. Such a great team member and would enjoy working with him again.

Kory Lazar Headshot

Kory Lazar

Lead Product Designer — Cart.com

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