Hi friend! I'm Christian Bergstrom, a seasoned product designer with 10 years of experience, and with expertise in interaction design, visual design, user research, design systems, product thinking, web development, branding & growth, motion design, graphic design, and more.

I'm based in San Francisco Bay Area, originally from New York, and am always interested to explore new ideas and solve problems effectively, especially over coffee.


Senior UX Designer

Cana — Redwood City, CA

April 2022–May 2023

  • Led definition and design of algorithmic home feed of beverage discovery, browse and search of hundreds of beverages, brands, and creators for mobile app and device.
  • Designed on-demand beverage customization by sweetness, flavor, alcohol, caffeine, and carbonation on device and mobile apps, resulting in an 8.3/10 satisfaction score.
  • Designed and developed Creator Studio for partners to create unique beverage recipes that they could brand and publish to the Cana catalog in 5 minutes. Featured on CNET.
  • Defined multi-device OOBE, designed customer web dashboard, and internal tools.
  • Shipped WCAG 2.1 accessible Design System, documenting components for engineers.
  • Launched redesigned cana.com to accommodate updated market positioning, with more engaging video content for CNET interview. This resulted in 14K more views, a 32 second increase in average engagement time, and $17K in additional preorder revenue.

Senior Product Designer

Cart.com — San Francisco, CA

November 2021–April 2022

  • Designed native iOS Seller mobile app, allowing businesses to track daily revenue, order value, and visitors, create and edit orders, manage products, and get notified on-the-go.
  • Redesigned design system correcting color palette, updating typography and interactive components for WCAG 2.1 minimum AA accessibility compliance and consistency.
  • Led Core Experience exploration of task autocomplete interface enabling users to access their products, sell across channels, and view in-context analytics.

Product Designer

Clover Point-of-Sale — Sunnyvale, CA

May 2014–April 2021

Developer Dashboard

  • Redesigned the developer dashboard to improve usability, resulting in a 21-point increase in NPS and an average 3.94/5 satisfaction score from 66 survey participants.
  • Developed and socialized standardized patterns for data visualization by launching developer app metrics to thousands of users, a highly requested feature.
  • Designed features for developers that reduced timeline for app approval by 61% and increased the number of apps approved for merchants by 34% in 2020.
  • Redesigned billing improving satisfaction by 18% and reducing support tickets by 9%.
  • Streamlined identity verification, reducing account approval support messages by 13%.

App Market & Merchant Web Dashboard

  • Designed and launched Google My Business integration across web and devices.
  • Redesigned App Market home, search, and detail pages, improving conversion by 5.6% and engagement by 13.8%.
  • Designed a first-time-use checklist, engaging 66% more merchants with their web dashboard for the first week.

Clover Help, Clover.com, Developer Docs & Community

  • Increased Clover's hiring funnel by redesigning and launching clover.com/careers, integrating the marketing web-app with Greenhouse, and using our brand styles.
  • Improved developer experience by designing the Developer Docs and Developer Community forum, including collaborating with technical writers to define guide flow.
  • Designed information architecture and user flow, created content model, and launched Clover Help with intelligent routing to get merchants to the correct article.


University of California, Davis

B.A. Design in Visual Communication

Sep 2006–June 2012

  • Dean’s Honors List (UC Davis, 2011 & 2012)
  • Citation for Outstanding Performance (UC Davis, 2011)