Cana was on an audacious mission to create the world’s first molecular beverage printer, able to print any beverage from molecularized ingredients from a cartridge mixed with water, sugar or alternative sweeteners, and alcohol or carbonation.

This beverage printer was designed to democratize small scale manufacturing of beverages, providing infinite choice and unlimited consumption with less waste as reducing plastic, cans, and CO2 was part of our mission.


Creating unique beverage recipes based on partner descriptions and sending beverage samples for feedback is a costly and time-consuming process involving the partner, partner relations, flavor chemists, analytical chemists, and business strategy and operations.


We can provide partners an interface to create their own beverages based on the cartridge and based on our own knowledge of how ingredients taste when paired together.

Surface Studio showing Flavor Mixer screen of Creator Studio on left and iPad Pro showing welcome screen for Creator Studio


Creator Studio allows partners to create their own beverages, sample them quickly and iterate on the flavor, and publish them to the broader Cana community.
Creator Studio serves as a way to engage influencers and their audiences to get interested in the beverages they can create with Cana in the Creator Studio pop-ups.
Scenario 1
Create a cocktail to fit your tastes
Scenario 2
Brand and publish your new cocktail


Creator Studio allows partners to create their own beverages, sample them quickly, and publish them to the broader Cana community.


I collaborated with the CEO and our lead investor, Head of Design, Head of Software, Head of Firmware for product definition and feasibility, presented final work to in-house software engineers and an engineering team located in India, and conducted QA feedback and even helped with engineering key screens for our milestone launch.


Collaborative Workshops

I lead a collaborative workshop involving product, engineering, and flavor scientists to determine how we might be able to combine ingredients on the fly to create unique beverages that taste good.

Collaborative Workshops

Task Analysis

After we had a model for generating new recipes from recipe templates, I analyzed the actions the user would take in creating their beverage. We discovered beverage creation involved three phases: selecting a starter recipe, editing that recipe, and then branding the beverage and publishing it to Cana One.

Task Analysis

Initial Iterations

I started designing the end-to-end flow to work on a mobile web app connected to the Cana device. Designing for mobile was initially preferred as we were planning to demo this experience on-stage at CES.

Initial Wireframes

Usability Testing

I conducted usability testing, where we found users could create their own beverage easily. However, I noticed that the users didn’t light up and feel energized, so we stepped back and thought about how to inspire more creativity.

Usability Testing