Clover provides a point-of-sale ecosystem for small and medium-sized businesses, that includes hardware to ring up orders and take payments on, software that adjusts to their business need and allows the merchant to track reporting and sales on their phone or web browser, and offers an App Market where merchants can find tools that better fit their specific business needs.
Merchants use the App Market to extend the capabilities that Clover provides with apps built to help them with taxes, Full Service Restaurant table management, connecting their Clover data to Quickboos and other services, Yelp My Business management, and more.

Clover Devices including Station, Mini, Flex, and Go cutoff midway to bottom of devices

Business Goal

Increase engagement and install of apps. Merchants that utilize apps from our app market tend to be more successful and recommend Clover more highly (increased NPS).


Merchants can’t easily assess how an app will benefit their business because the information is confusing, scattered, and hard to compare with similar apps.


The redesigned App Market detail page highlighted key benefits to the merchant, collapsed media together to be easy navigate across devices, and provided an always present primary call-to-action as well as secondary CTAs that could be tracked and fed back into a follow-up re-engagement campaign.
The App Market redesign covered logged in and visitor use cases on web and across mobile and tablet-sized Clover devices. The App Market redesign also summarized price ranges for apps and clarified the

Clover Mini at 20 degree rotation from above with App Market Detail page visible Clover Station with App Detail page for Homebase app Clover Flex with App Market Detail page for Yelp Business Connector app Clover Mini with App Market Detail page for Homebase app


We rolled out the feature through A/B testing on specific apps and saw a huge increase in engagement and installs for these apps.
Our A/B testing resulted in 159% increase in installs for CommerceSync, 246% increase in installs for Gusto, and 133% increase in installs for Homebase.

Increase in installs from A/B Testing



I was the sole product designer defining the scope, iterating on designs, and collaborating with engineering on execution.


I worked with a Product Manager and several front-end web and Android engineers to deliver this feature.