Clover provides a point-of-sale ecosystem for small and medium-sized businesses, that includes hardware to ring up orders and take payments on, software that adjusts to their business need and allows the merchant to track reporting and sales on their phone or web browser, and offers an App Market where merchants can find tools that better fit their specific business needs.
Many of the apps on Clover’s App Market are built by external developers (second or third-party) and these developers decide on which apps to build and features to improve from their perspective of market demand and merchant feedback.

Clover Devices including Station, Mini, Flex, and Go cutoff midway to bottom of devices


Developers are unable to get basic metrics around how their apps are performing, making it hard for them to understand how to market their apps and which apps to focus on improving.


We can provide developers with the ability to track their apps are performing in terms of installs and revenue.


Provide developers with install, uninstall, and revenue metrics that can be monitored at-a-glance or analyzed by applying filters to the data.
Create interaction patterns for metric widgets that can be applied to other metrics on a later roadmap and to other products for developers and merchants.

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iPhone 12 Developer App Metrics - Dashboard Home

iPhone 12 Developer App Metrics - App Install Metrics

iPhone 12 Developer App Metrics - App Overview

iPhone 12 Developer App Metrics - Revenue Metrics


We defined success by increases in page engagement (8% increase), session time (12% increase) and customer satisfaction.
We surveyed developers and they reported a 3.8/5 customer satisfaction rating, meaning we covered much of their desired metrics while recognizing room to improve in time and precision of metrics to present.


I lead research, definition, and design of the metrics we would support and designed a component-based system for displaying our metrics.


I collaborated with a Product Manager to prioritize the metrics, Senior User Researcher to understand which metrics were most important and how they would impact developers’ tasks, several front-end and back-end engineers to implement the metrics at a high quality execution.