Clover provides a point-of-sale ecosystem for small and medium-sized businesses, that includes hardware to ring up orders and take payments on, software that adjusts to their business need and allows the merchant to track reporting and sales on their phone or web browser, and offers an App Market where merchants can find tools that better fit their specific business needs.
Many of the apps on Clover’s App Market are built by external developers (second or third-party) and these developers decide on which apps to build and features to improve from their perspective of market demand and merchant feedback.

Clover Devices including Station, Mini, Flex, and Go cutoff midway to bottom of devices

Business Goal

Refresh the developer dashboard by making it easier to navigate and more intuitive so developers have less questions about how to user our platform and can focus on building apps and supporting their customers.


Developers feel lost when navigating the dashboard because the menu items are vague and change based on account status. Developers also find the interface clunky and this prevents them from focusing on building their apps and launching them.


I redesigned the developer dashboard improving the navigation, visual hierarchy, and updating interactions to be consistent and predictable.
My redesign focused on quicker navigation for frequent tasks, clarifying actions based on situational jobs, and ensuring the dashboard was responsive and complied with usability guidelines.

Macbook Pro - Developer Dashboard's Homepage redesign including App Cards Macbook Pro - Developer Dashboard's App Releases redesign Macbook Pro - Developer Dashboard's App Settings redesign Macbook Pro - Developer Dasbhoard's Market Listing redesign Macbook Pro - Developer Dasbhoard's Pricing redesign


Developers were excited about the redesign and responded positively to the updated navigation, resulting in reduced time to complete tasks.
The redesign also reduced the amount of customer support tickets by 12%, specifically having to spend less time on explaining information or helping developers learn where to accomplish their tasks.


I was the sole product designer defining the scope, iterating on designs, and collaborating with engineering on execution.


I worked with a Product Manager and several front-end and back-end engineers to deliver this redesign.